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what to do avter a truck accident in Seattle

What to Do After a Truck Accident in Seattle

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Within hours of an accident, trucking companies usually have investigators at the scene of the crash to collect evidence for use in a case. Likewise, accident victims need to begin gathering evidence to bolster their claim for compensation.

At Khan Law Firm, PLLC, our legal team represents many clients injured in crashes with large commercial vehicles like 18 wheelers, semi-trucks, and sanitation vehicles. If you were hurt, follow the steps below and then reach out to our law firm.

Call an Ambulance for Anyone Badly Injured

Some truck accidents cause horrific injuries, and more than one person has been rushed to the emergency room in the back of an ambulance following a wreck. Ask all passengers in your car if they are okay or if they need an ambulance. If you can exit your vehicle, ask anyone else involved in the crash if they need you to call 911.

Notify the Police

Washington requires that those involved in accidents report them as soon as possible. You can call the Seattle police to report a crash. An officer should come to the scene.

Swap Information with the Truck Driver

You should get the following:

  • Driver’s name
  • Driver’s license number
  • Truck license plate number
  • Insurance information

Share your own information with the driver as well.

Some truck accidents involve multiple vehicles. For example, you might have been rear-ended, which caused you to crash into the car in front of you. Get the above information for any driver involved in the crash, because they could also make an insurance claim.

Take Pictures of the Scene

It is impossible to fully reconstruct how an accident happened later without photographic evidence. Try to get a picture of the vehicles before they are moved out of the way. This helps us “see” where they ended up, which helps with assigning fault for the crash.

Remember to get a picture of every side of a vehicle involved, including the truck. Zoom in on any damage. Also, take multiple pictures of skid marks and the debris field.

Record Your Impressions of the Truck Driver

There is usually quite a bit of information that will be helpful. For example:

  • Write down anything the driver said to you or a witness.
  • Note whether the driver had a cell phone in his hand when he got out of the truck.
  • Document if the driver had beer cans spilling out of the truck or in his hand.
  • Note anything helpful about the driver, such as slurred speech, lack of balance, or bloodshot eyes which might indicate alcohol use

Go to the Hospital

Even if you felt “okay,” you should still be checked out by a doctor. Always follow any recommended treatment, such as rehab or even therapy to deal with the shock created by the crash.

Report the Accident to Your Insurer

Your insurer will want to know about the wreck as soon as possible, so call and report it. This will get the claims process started. Typically, your insurer will reach out to the trucking company or its insurer to coordinate a claim.

Call Khan Law Today

Our Seattle truck accident lawyer will gladly walk you through the claims process and even negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

car accident in Kent, WA

How Long After a Car Accident in Kent Can You Claim Injury?

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Car accidents can completely turn someone’s life upside down. Out of the blue, a motorist can find themselves lying in a ditch or in a hospital bed in excruciating pain. Many victims need surgery and months of rehabilitation as they struggle to overcome debilitating injuries.

During this hectic time, it is very easy to forget that you need to seek compensation from the at-fault driver, either by submitting a demand letter or filing a lawsuit. Without the right legal assistance, accident victims could wait too long—and permanently lose their right to compensation. Please contact Khan Law Firm today to protect your rights.

You Have Three Years to File a Lawsuit

This is the statute of limitations found at RCW 4.16.080. It states that you must start a lawsuit within three years for any injury to your person or your personal property. This deadline covers both a claim for property damage as well as for bodily injury.

The Clock Starts with the Accident

The clock begins on the day you were hit. So if you were involved in an accident on July 1, 2021, the statute of limitations says you have until June 30, 2024. One day before the accident.

Delay Can Be Costly

What happens if you take too long? The answer might scare you.

If you don’t meet the statute of limitations, the defendant can ask the judge to toss your lawsuit out of court. And judges will do so since they will lack the power to hear the case because you took too long to file it.

This will mean you won’t get any compensation for your Kent car accident. Instead, you will be fully responsible for all your medical bills and will have to suffer the loss of income and property damage.

Don’t Expect an Insurer to Give More Time

Technically, you can file a claim with an insurance company and not file a lawsuit. However, you shouldn’t expect an insurer to give you any extra time to file an insurance claim. They negotiate settlements with an eye toward what will happen if negotiations break down and the parties end up in court.

If three years pass before you file an insurance claim, an insurer has little incentive to offer a settlement. They know a judge will dismiss any lawsuit.

Wrongful Death Claims Have a Three-Year Window

If a loved one died, then certain family members can bring a wrongful death lawsuit. This type of claim also has a three-year statute of limitations, but it begins on the date of the accident (which might not be the day of the death).

Call Our Kent Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you were involved in a car crash, our car accident attorneys will jump in and seek compensation for your injuries. We know how to file a complaint in the correct court, so you can be sure we will protect your rights. Once a lawsuit is filed, you can still negotiate a settlement with an insurer.

Please call us today to schedule a consultation at a convenient time.