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Car accidents can change your life dramatically. These accidents are not just scary, they can cause physical and emotional damages as well. If you have been injured in a car crash, our team at the Khan Injury Law will fight for you!

Why Choose the Khan Injury Law as Your Car Accident Lawyer?

There are hundreds of law firms in the Seattle area. What makes the Khan Injury Law different than other attorneys all claiming to be the best? This is why:


Mr. Khan and the other attorneys at our law firm are recognized nationally and state-wide as being excellent litigators.


We have years of experience handling traumatic accident and injury cases. This experience gives us a competitive advantage over many other law firms.


No stone is left unturned. Our law firm is dedicated to getting you the absolute best compensation possible. Our unparalleled dedication to precision had lead to impressive insurance settlements for hundreds of satisfied clients.


Our clients and their individual needs drive us to be the best that we can be. This drive is reflected in every facet of our legal prowess.


The time after an accident can be so emotionally draining and difficult in a variety of ways. We understand what you are going through and as a result do everything within our power to make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

Highly Recommended

Our clients love us. Read our reviews on Google. The majority of our clients come from referrals from family members or friends of those we have previously represented. Our law firm has been awarded the 10 Best in Client Satisfaction Award from the American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys.

If you have been injured, don’t settle for just any injury lawyer. Call the best Washington state has to offer. Call Khalil Khan and the other car accident lawyers at Khan Injury Law today.


The cause of the car accident may have some impact on the type of car accident that occurs, as well as the severity of the car accident. Not only can car accidents involve different types of vehicles and victims – i.e. motorcycle accidents, bicycle accident, pedestrian accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, etc. – but they can also happen in a variety of different manners. Some of the most common types of car accidents include:

Head-on collisions

Head-on collisions are one of the least common types of accidents, yet one of the most deadly. When a head-on collision occurs, victims are at risk of sustaining severe injuries, some of which may be fatal.

Rear-end collisions

Completely the opposite of the above, rear-end collisions are quite common, and rarely result in traumatic injuries. However, they should not be taken lightly; if a rear-end collisions occurs while vehicles are traveling at a high speed, they can be deadly.

Sideswipe crashes

A sideswipe accident occurs when two vehicles are traveling next to each other in the same direction, and are common when one vehicle attempts to change lanes without seeing an approaching or parallel vehicle.

T-bone collisions

This devastating accident type is often accompanied by tragic injuries. As its name implies, a T-bone collision refers to an accident where one vehicle runs directly (head-on) into the side of another. T-bone collisions are most common at intersections.

Rollover accidents

One of the deadliest accident types, rollover accidents can involve two or more vehicles, but are also often single-vehicle accidents. These accidents are more common when cars are traveling at an unsafe speed.

Types of Car Accidents

While some accidents may occur because of a vehicle malfunction – like a tire blowout – or another unforeseeable factor – like an animal darting out into the road – most car accidents are caused because of driver errors. Driver error is an overarching term that can be used to describe a wide array of dangerous and risky driving behaviors. Some of the most common causes of driver error, which ultimately lead to an accident, include:

  • Distracted driving, including using a cellphone, talking to passengers, eating or drinking, and tending to pets or children
  • Speeding or traveling at an unsafe speed for conditions;
  • Driving aggressively, including tailgating, illegally changing lanes, and unsafely passing another vehicle;
  • Failing to yield at a stop sign, traffic light, or other intersection type; and
  • Driving while impaired, either by alcohol, drugs, or fatigue.

It should be noted that the above list is not inclusive; there are myriad unsafe driving behaviors that may lead to a driver error, which can in turn cause an accident. Again, there are also some accidents that are caused because of factors that are unforeseeable and have little to do with drivers’ errors, such as ice, snow, fog, and other unsafe road conditions. The experienced Seattle car accident lawyers at the Khan Injury Law have seen it all – we can represent you during your car accident claim, no matter the type of accident you have been involved in or the cause. If someone else acted negligently, we are ready to go to work on your behalf.


What to Do After a Car Accident

In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, the question of “What do I do?” will probably be handled for you – it is likely that the accident will be called into the police, who will respond to the accident scene, take notes, file a report, and ask you questions. In many cases, an ambulance may even arrive on scene that transports you to the hospital, especially if your injuries are serious. From there, however, do you know what to do to improve your chances of receiving your maximum compensation amount?

Gather evidence at the accident scene.

The more evidence you gather, and the sooner that you do, the more likely it is that you will have a strong case. If you are able, get witnesses’ information, take photos of the accident scene and damages, and take notes about what happened.

Seek medical care.

Even if you do not think that you need to go to the hospital, you should visit a doctor. If you do not have a record of your injuries and medical treatment, receiving compensation for medical bills may be much more challenging.

Report your car accident to the insurance company.

It is imperative that you report your car accident to the insurance company as soon as possible, otherwise your chance of recovering compensation may be jeopardized. Be sure to never admit fault, and to stick to the facts, when speaking with an insurance adjuster.

Contact an attorney.

Contacting an attorney as soon as possible after your accident is a good idea, especially if your injuries are serious or there is a dispute about fault.

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Seattle Car Accident FAQ’s

Motorists involved in an accident have a duty to stop their vehicle, render aid, and to remain at the scene of the collision. Under Washington state law (Wash. Rev. Code § 46.52.020), leaving the scene of an accident in which an injury occurred is a serious criminal offense. Unfortunately, hit-and-run crashes are still a very serious problem. 

For injured victims, dealing with the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident can be especially frustrating. If you find yourself in this situation, it is essential that you contact a Seattle, WA car accident attorney immediately. Your attorney will help you explore every potential path to get you justice and financial compensation — including conducting an investigation to track down the responsible hit-and-run driver and pursuing a claim through your own auto insurance policy.

Following an accident, it is normal to be concerned about the cost of hiring professional legal counsel. If you or your loved one was severely injured in an accident, you have likely been left with medical expenses — the last thing you need is another bill. Fortunately, you can always afford to hire our top-rated Seattle auto accident lawyers. 

At Khan Injury Law, we handle personal injury claims on a contingency fee basis. Our Seattle car accident attorneys only get paid when we help you recover financial compensation for your damages. No recovery, no fee. We do not charge our clients upfront costs, hourly fees, or other out-of-pocket expenses. No matter your financial circumstances, you deserve exceptional legal representation.

It might — though, the vast majority of auto accident claims are settled outside of court. Indeed, few personal injury claims in the United States ever receive a verdict. In a comprehensive study on settlement rates, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) found that less than three percent of personal injury claims were resolved through a trial verdict — with auto accident claims being especially likely to reach a pre-trial settlement.

Our Seattle car accident lawyers have the skills and experience needed to effectively represent injured victims in settlement discussions. Of course, there is always the possibility that your case will be one of the exceptions. We are a trial-tested law firm that is prepared to take your car accident claim wherever it needs to go to get you justice and the maximum available financial compensation.

No. Following an accident, you are not obligated to give a recorded statement to the insurance company. You should expect to receive a phone call from an insurance adjuster — either your insurer, another driver’s insurer, or both — relatively soon after a collision. Insurance adjusters want to ask you questions about your accident. If you suffered a serious injury in a crash, it is not in your best interests to talk to an insurance company

Simply put, the large insurance companies are not on the side of victims. They are looking for information that can be used against you to reduce the value of your car accident settlement or, worse, to deny your claim. The best thing that you can do to protect your rights is to contact an experienced Seattle car accident attorney as soon as possible after a serious collision. Your lawyer will take the appropriate steps to protect your rights and your claim. Let your attorney deal with the insurance company.

It is not always easy to know whether or not you are being offered a fair settlement by the insurance company — especially if you experienced considerable pain and suffering in your crash or if you have significant medical bills. Insurance companies do not lead with their best and final offer. If an insurance company is offering you a quick personal injury settlement, you should be skeptical. The settlement amount may be wholly inadequate. 

Remember, if you were injured in an accident caused by another party’s negligence, you deserve financial compensation for the full value of your damages. How much that will be depends entirely on the specific nature of your case. After a major car accident in King County, Washington, your case should be reviewed by an experienced Seattle car accident lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to tell you the approximate value of your claim. Do not settle it for less than you rightfully deserve.

A car accident may keep a person off the job for days, weeks, or even longer. This loss of income puts a tremendous financial burden on the victim and their family. Under Washington law, you should be compensated for the complete value of your lost income. As explained in the Washington Pattern Jury Instructions–Civil, financial compensation should be offered for the reasonable value of:

  • Loss of earnings;
  • Diminished earning capacity;
  • Loss of business opportunities; and
  • Loss of employment opportunities. 

Lost wages calculations are highly fact specific. Our Seattle, WA car accident attorneys will review your claim, help you put together all relevant evidence, and take action to get you the maximum available financial support for your lost wages.

Auto manufacturers can be held liable if a victim suffers injuries because of a product defect. Companies should never put profits before safety. When corners are cut on safety, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are put at enormous risk. Negligent products designers and manufacturers must be held accountable. 

If your car accident was caused by or made substantially worse by poor product design or a manufacturing error, the carmaker or auto parts maker can be held legally liable. Our Seattle product liability attorneys have the skills and experience needed to help you pursue a claim against a manufacturer.

By far the most common question that our lawyers get is in regards to who will pay for damages after a crash. Typically, who’s liable for damages from a car accident–such as medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, etc.–is dependent upon who caused the crash. Because Washington is an at-fault state, a driver who is involved in a crash can file a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance.

If you carry personal injury protection (PIP) coverage as part of your own insurance policy, then this type of coverage can help to pay for your expenses regardless of fault.

Consider a situation in which you contributed to an accident by about 10 percent, but the other driver was mostly at fault. In this case, you can still file a claim against the other driver’s insurance, but the law of comparative negligence will apply. Under this rule, the amount of damages that you can recover in a car accident settlement will be reduced in proportion to your degree of fault.

If you were not at fault for an accident, you maintain the right to file a lawsuit directly against the at-fault party. However, you should start by filing a claim against the insurance company and attempt to reach a settlement out of court first; litigation is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful, and should not be the first thing that you turn to. By working with an experienced attorney, there is a strong change that out-of-court settlement will be very possible. If settlement isn’t possible, you will maintain the right to pursue litigation.

Car accidents often result in more than just economic damages – non economic losses, like pain and suffering, are common, too. Washington state allows plaintiffs to seek compensation for pain and suffering – talk to our lawyers to learn more about how these damages are calculated.

It’s important to act quickly after a car accident. You should always report the car accident as soon as possible (preferably while you’re still at the scene), seek medical care within 24 hours, and notify your insurer of the accident within 48 hours, but also as soon as possible. From there, there is no reason to delay in gathering evidence, initiating the claims process, and hiring a skilled car accident attorney.

If you plan to file a lawsuit, you must do so within three years from the date of your car accident. If you breach this statute of limitations, then you will be barred from recovery.

Many people get nervous about the idea of pursuing a car accident settlement because they are wary about hiring an attorney. Usually, this stems from misinformation about what working with an attorney is like and how much an attorney will charge you. While you do not have to hire a lawyer, working with one is strongly recommended, and may be critical in maximizing your settlement amount.

When looking for an attorney, it’s important to choose someone with experience handling cases like yours, a strong reputation of case success, a personality with which you vibe, and who works on a contingency fee basis, which means that the lawyer doesn’t get paid if you don’t get a settlement.

How an Attorney Can Help You Recover Damages

A Seattle car accident lawyer can be an important resource during the claims process. Not only can an attorney guide you through the legal process and help you to understand everything there is to know about filing a claim or a lawsuit, but an attorney can also:

  • Gather evidence on your behalf;
  • Organize your medical bills and records;
  • Estimate the total value of your claim;
  • Pursue litigation on your behalf.
  • Recover testimony from key eyewitnesses and expert witnesses;
  • Demonstrate proof of the other party’s negligence and fault;
  • Negotiate with an insurance adjuster; and

At the Khan Injury Law, we know that you probably have dozens of questions about your rights, and how to recover every penny you deserve, after a car accident. We not only have the experience and skillset that your case deserves, but our Seattle car accident lawyers will also never charge you any upfront fees. In fact, your initial consultation with us is 100 percent free, and you will not owe us a cent unless your case is successful. To schedule your free claim review, contact us online or call us directly today.