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What to Do if Your Uber Gets in an Accident

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Like other vehicles, Ubers sometimes get into collisions. As a passenger, you can receive compensation in most situations, but there are important steps you must take. An important consideration in Uber accidents is fault—the person to blame for the crash. In most cases, the fault will lie with your Uber driver or a different motorist on the road who hit you. Either way, you’ll want to follow the steps after an Uber accident.

Call the Police to Report the Accident

Your Uber driver should call, but double-check. Crash reports are significant pieces of evidence in collisions.

Request an Ambulance, if Necessary

If you or anyone else is badly injured, then call emergency services. They can send an ambulance to take victims to the hospital. If you aren’t too shaken up, then you should go to the hospital as soon as you finish at the accident scene.

Collect Information from All Motorists

You should get the following from your Uber driver and the driver of any other vehicle involved in the crash:

  • Name
  • License number
  • Registration number
  • Insurance information
  • Contact information

Speak to Witnesses

Eyewitnesses can play an important role in Uber collision cases. A witness can identify who is to blame and what happened. You should speak to anyone you see, such as passengers in cars or bystanders who saw the collision from the sidewalk or a nearby business. Ask for a phone number or email so you can get in touch with them later, if necessary.

Take Pictures of the Cars

As you wait for the cops to arrive, you can use your phone to photograph all vehicles. Get a picture of each side so we can see where the collision occurred. Also, try to get a picture before the cars are moved to the side of the road.

Why Not Sit Back & Relax?

You might be wondering why you need to do any of the things listed above. After all, isn’t your Uber driver doing these things? They were involved in the crash, and they have the incentive to prove fault, too.

Truth be told, your driver probably is doing all of these things. But you want to be 100% certain you check all these boxes. Maybe your Uber driver is really shaken up. Or maybe they don’t want to share information with you. Whatever the reason, you should protect yourself. You don’t want to get a few weeks down the road and find out your driver didn’t speak to witnesses or “lost” the photographs of the vehicles. Consequently, you should gather all this information yourself.

Speak with an Attorney

At Khan Law firm, we can negotiate a settlement for your Uber accident. Uber requires that its drivers carry insurance, which can pay when their driver is at fault. If a different motorist is at fault, then you can sue their insurer for compensation. We will untangle the facts and identify the correct course of action. Contact us today to speak with one of our Uber accident lawyers about your case.

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