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With fewer than 400 people living in Custer as of the last census, Custer is a place that many have never heard of. Located near Ferndale–another small town–and less than an hour’s drive from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Custer is a bedroom community that offers a quiet and rustic feel, complete with the Custer County Store and a U.S. post office. While traffic is rare in this part of Washington due to the small population, motor vehicle accidents do sometimes happen. If you’ve been in a motor vehicle crash in Custer, our Custer car accident lawyers at the Khan Injury Law PLLC are ready to review your case free of charge and inform you of your options for recovering damages. Call us today to learn more.

The Facts About Car Accidents

Auto accidents happen much more often than they should in throughout the Seattle metropolitan area. Most of these collisions result from another party’s negligence or wrongdoing. The following are some facts and figures about Washington State car accidents from Washington State Annual Collision Summary:

  • Car crashes occur every 4.5 minutes;
  • Person dies every 16 hours in a Washington motor vehicle collision;
  • Person sustains injuries every 11 minutes in an accident;
  • Motorcyclists are involved in a collision every 4 hours;
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists are involved in crashes every 2.5 hours;
  • Pedestrian or bicyclist sustains fatal injuries in a collision with a motor vehicle every 4 days;
  • Speeding causes a car accident every 27 minutes;
  • Distracted driving causes a collision every 12 minutes; and
  • Intoxicated driving results in a death every 1.5 days.

Who Pays for Damages After a Car Accident?

Washington is an at-fault state, also known as a traditional tort state. This means that when a car accident occurs, the party at fault for the accident is responsible for paying for it. Sometimes, fault is shared between two parties, in which case the rule of contributory fault will apply. The contributory fault law holds that when an injured party contributes to their own injuries, they are still permitted to file a claim against the other party for damages, but their recoverable award will be reduced in proportion to their degree of fault. For example, a plaintiff who’s found to be 20 percent at-fault for a crash won’t be barred from recovery, but will only be able to hold the defendant 80 percent responsible for damages.

How Do I Seek Financial Compensation After a Car Accident in Custer, WA?

Washington is a fault state, or a “tort” state, for auto accident purposes. Accordingly, after a car accident, you can file an auto insurance claim either with your own auto insurer (known as a first-party claim) or through the at-fault driver’s auto insurer (known as a third-party claim). There are benefits and limitations to each approach that you should discuss with your car accident attorney.

When auto insurance payouts are insufficient to cover your losses, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. While there is no serious injury threshold to meet in Washington State to file a lawsuit against a driver, many car accident lawsuits occur when auto insurance limits prevent an injury victim from obtaining full compensation for significant losses. If you want more information about getting started on a lawsuit, our car accident lawyers in Custer can help.

In order to prove fault, prove that your injuries are related to the crash, and improve your chances of recovering the maximum compensation award, there are a number of steps to take after a crash. These include:

  • Get medical care as soon as possible and follow your doctor’s orders;
  • Report your accident to the police and request a copy of the accident report;
  • Notify your insurance company of the accident within 24-48 hours of its occurrence;
  • Start gathering evidence as soon as possible, including physical evidence from the crash, photographs of the accident scene and damages, eyewitnesses’ testimonies, and more;
  • Hire a car accident lawyer in Custer. 

Depending on the extent of your injuries, managing an investigation into your accident on your own may prove impossible. When you hire the Custer car accident lawyers at the Khan Injury Law PLLC, you can count on our lawyers to conduct a thorough investigation, hire necessary experts, create a link between your accident and your injuries, prove fault, calculate your damages, and more. We will also represent you during the negotiation phase of the settlement process and, if necessary, can litigate your case in court, too.

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When you or a loved one has been badly injured in a car accident, you need an advocate on your side. At the office of the Khan Injury Law PLLC, our Custer car accident lawyers are available to help you. We always offer free consultations and always represent our clients on a contingency fee basis. Call us today to learn more.

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